Press machines can mainly be divided into mechanical press and hydraulic press.

Mechanical Press▽To Regular Members

Rotation of electric motor is converted into sliding straight-line motion by the mechanical structure that forms a shape in mold die. A high productivity of this type of press machines consists of more than 90% of total press machines.

C Type Press▽To Regular Members
This type of machine is also called as power press or gap press, and has high versatility as well as workability. However, the single integral structure limits its pressing capacity up to 2,500kN.
Straight Side Press▽To Regular Members
Straight Side Press is so called gantry type or four-column assembled frame type press more than 2,500kN of middle to large capacity presses mostly belongs to this type.
Transfer Press▽To Regular Members
Mainly straight side frame structured press which incorporates multiple mold dies in it, and performs handling multiple work tasks in a raw with transfer equipment.
High Speed Automatic Precision Press▽To Regular Members
Mainly straight side frame structured press which is capable of performing high-speed orderly series processing (300 spm – several thousand spm) with high rigidity and precision. These are mostly being used for production of lead frames, connectors and motor cores.
Servo Press (Applicable model by the Association Standard TI-103)▽To Regular Members
By means of servo-motor driving, setting of slide speed and motions of press can be fine-tuned freely, which improve parts accuracy, form hard-to-process materials, extend longer service life of dies and increase productivity, is rapidly gaining popularity.
Powder (metal powder) Forming Press▽To Regular Members
Press that form a shape by compressing metal powder.
Incremental Forming Machine (Die-less NC Forming Machine)▽To Regular Members
In accordance with NC data of metal design, machine that press metal plate by moving tool as tracing contour lines in sequential manner and form a shape of products. This specific process method requires no dies.
Cold Forging Press▽To Regular Members
Cold forging of high deformation resistance compared with sheet metal processing, machine that is required to withstand concentrated loads and have high rigidity and high working energy. There are mechanical and hydraulic types.
Hot Forging Press▽To Regular Members
In order to form hard-to-process materials or complex shapes, the press machine that forms after heating base forging materials up to 800 – 1,200 degrees Celsius. There are mechanical and hydraulic types.
Hot Spring Forming Press▽To Regular Members
This is the dedicated press to form springs.
Screw Press▽To Regular Members
Screw press is a type of machines that rotate one or more pairs of male and female screws inside its frame and generate pressing power.

Hydraulic Press▽To Regular Members

Hydraulic press is playing special role in a field where mechanical press is unable to do so. Most of these are hydraulic operating presses.

General Purpose Hydraulic Press (C Type Press and Straight Side Press, etc.)▽To Regular Members
This is a type of press that has various kinds such as C type frame, straight side frame structures, as well as top-driving type or under driving type, etc., and has a long history and characteristics of performing deep drawing and bending with its long stroke.
Hydraulic Servo Press (Hydraulic pump directly driven by servo-motor)▽To Regular Members
This is a hydraulic servo press that is directly driven by servomotor. However, hydraulic press driven by servo valve (proportional electro-magnetic valve) is not part of the servo press of the Association Standards TI-103.
Fine Blanking Press▽To Regular Members
This is a type of press that performs a triple action with high accuracy for precision blanking and punching. Performing single and complex multi-forming, it covers wide range of productions from automobile parts to parts for IT industry.
Die Spotting Press▽To Regular Members
Producing, repairing or modifying dies, this is a press that performs alignment (die fitting) of dies safely and quickly.
Hydro-forming Press▽To Regular Members
Steel pipes that are pre-formed in forms of bending or swaging and set in dies, and swell out to form in shape by liquid pressure.
Powder Forming (metal powder) Press▽To Regular Members
Press that form a shape by compressing metal powder.