Forming Machine▽To Regular Members

Forming machines can be classified one belonging to press machines and the others to exclusive forming machines.

Header▽To Regular Members

The header is a horizontal type forming machine that takes 2 – 5 processes to produce bolts, nuts, etc. from coiled material.

(Parts) Former▽To Regular Members

Parts former is horizontal type forming machine that take 5 – 7 processes to produce various parts mainly from coiled material.

Wire Forming Machine▽To Regular Members

The wire forming machine is to perform drawing, stretching, twisting multi-processed wires and bar steels.

Wire Drawing Machine / Wire Stranding Machine▽To Regular Members

The wire drawing machine / wire stranding machine is a kind of wire forming machine that produces electric wires, wire ropes, special steel wires, tire cords and steel wires, etc.

Rolling Machine▽To Regular Members

The rolling machine is a machine that forms screws, worm gears, knurling, serrations and splines, etc. with rolling dies.