JFMA’s Technology Guide of Forming Machine.pdf (9.5MB)

What is “forming”? Generally, people are not familiar with the word “forming”, which is pronounced “TAN-ATSU” in Japanese. In 1939, when the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Japan intended to organize respective business fields and made generic name “forming machinery” by taking initial characters of each forging machine, hammer, press machine and press brake (press forming), etc. In general, “forming machinery” means secondary metal processing machines such as metal processing machines and metal forming machines other than machine tools (machines to cut with tools). For your reference, primary metal processing machines produce steel stock and steel plate, while the secondary processing machines form products from steel plate made by the primary machines.

Metal processing and forming machinery covers a variety of types of machines. Following are to brief description of respective types of machines

Press Machines
Sheet Metal Processing Machines
Forming Machine
Automation/Safety Equipment