The servo presses are being manufactured by more than ten member companies, and are being improved respectively by their own technologies as commercial products. As it is an important obligation for the respective members to develop and to provide the servo presses, which first developed in Japan, as Safe Press, the standardization work of servo presses had been carried out by the Technical Committee of Association, and “The Association Standards TI103 – Safety requirements & Safety Measures of Servo Presses” was finalized in March, 2006 as the result of 2 years work.
 This Association Standards on Servo Presses is prepared to determine the constructional requirements on the basis of ensuring safety of the operator’s hand-in-die operation as well as determining allowable risks by the risk assessment and policies to appropriate safety countermeasures.
 The major points in the standards are summarized in 3 points as described below.

  1. As the servo press is a machine with software, the machine should have function(s) to stop it surely even when the machine is out of control due to electronic disturbance, etc.
  2. Investigation on the details for ensuring safety at the time of stopping not only by “servo locking” but also by “mechanical brake”.
  3. To assure reliability of emergency braking.

< The first revision as of July , 2008>
 The Association Standards on Servo Presses TI103:2006 has contributed to improving the safety of the servo presses as the technical and operational standards for the safety.However, the rapid expansion and development of servo press functionality and technology since its first issuance has prompted the need for the consistency on an international level within their various regulations and standards and has recently led to the first revision. The recommended approach to servo press safety and the technology benchmarks/performance standards presented in the previous edition are all incorporated in this TI103:2008.
 In addition, as it relates to requirements for servo system safety performance, the content of this standard has been reviewed from the perspective of international standards, and its content has also been revised to confirm with the concepts, standards, and terminology on functional safety stipulated in the most recent ISO/IEC standards.

The Association Standards TI 103 : 2008 – Servo Presses – Safety Requirements and Measures July,2008
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