Automation / Safety Equipment, etc.

Feeder▽To Regular Members

The feeder is the automatic feeding equipment that feeds coil materials and sheet metal materials into press machines.
Coil Feeder Line▽To Regular Members
The coil feeder line is the automatic feeding equipment that feeds coil materials into press machines.
Leveler Feeder▽To Regular Members
The leveler feeder is the machine that rectifies the bent and / or deformed materials, and feed set amount in conjunction with press machines.
Robot Line▽To Regular Members
In multiple press machines line, this is the robot transfer system that transfers automatically materials and products in process.

Light Beam Type Safety Device▽To Regular Members

This is a safety equipment to stop the operation of press machine when light beam is cut out.
PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation)▽To Regular Members
In manually feeding materials into press machine, press machine may commence its operation upon detecting human hand moving out of designated area.
Load Monitor▽To Regular Members
This is a monitor to detect overload conditions.

Rebuild▽To Regular Members

By retrofitting including overhaul, this is to maintain and / or improve the performance of machine.

Agent for Power Press Voluntary Inspection▽To Regular Members

The Power Press Voluntary Inspection is a mandatory requirement to perform once a year.